Collection Chinese New Year 2024: Valentino’s Comeback

Collection Chinese New Year 2024: Valentino's Comeback

Valentino is back with a bang with Collection for the Chinese New Year 2024 line. Which is a mix of tradition and style. It is a big step for the fashion brand to use the bright red, which is also known as Rosso Valentino, in its designs. Yang Yang and Yang Zi, two cute brand champions who are wearing bright red outfits, are also there to celebrate. Let’s dive into Valentino’s newest line of stylish clothes.

Collection Chinese New Year 2024: The Spirit of the Dragon

Collection Chinese New Year 2024: Valentino's Comeback

Valentino has done a great job with their New Year promotion, which is all about the spirit of the powerful Dragon. This collection is all about the strong and commanding mythical creature, with the red color and the famous VLogo taking center stage. Get ready for a thrilling and beautiful fashion adventure!

Collection Chinese New Year 2024: Pieces You Need for 2024

There are some famous pieces in the collection that have been updated for the new season. Watch out for the Garavani VLogo Moon mini bag, the Garavani LocĀ² mini and bucket bag, and the Garavani VLogo Signature slingback. Valentino has all of our fashion needs met and is predicting a happy year ahead. That looks like something everyone would want.

The men’s collection is mostly red and beige.

Yang Yang, the Chinese heartthrob, leads the way in the men’s line, which is mostly red and beige. Sneakers with one stud, the VLogo bag, and the classic VLogo jacket from Valentino are just a few of the things that are coming out. The color scheme makes the room feel warm and happy, which makes it a great style for the new year.

Glamour for women: hot and famous

As for the women, Yang Zi steals the show in a red dress with bows and a red VLogo jacket. Also, don’t forget to look at the beautiful bags that have all been given a Rosso Valentino update. There will be beauty, women, and the brave spirit of Chinese New Year.

Where to Get Yours

Are you excited to get your hands on these stylish items? You can buy the line at Valentino stores in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Macao. Don’t worry if you’re not nearby! You can easily visit Valentino’s website with just one click, where you can find all the clothes you want.

Collection Chinese New Year 2024: Fashion in the Year of the Dragon

There are more people riding the dragon wave than just Valentino. In honor of the Year of the Dragon, high-end fashion names like Burberry, Kenzo, and Gucci are also releasing new lines. In 2024, bright colors and big prints will be big in fashion. The goal of these brands is for you to look great as you start the new year.

Valentino’s Chinese New Year 2024 collection is a great mix of custom, style, and a bit of the supernatural. Here are some great clothes that will make you look like the Dragon and turn heads. It’s 2024, after all, so you have to dress to please!